To riders, SAM is essentially synonymous with CNG autorikshaws, bikes, or even buses and to bikers, it’s basically a referral service. The Android app connects riders with bikers using their phone’s GPS capabilities, letting both parties know one another’s location and removing the question of when the ride will actually arrive. In addition, SAM also processes all payments involved, charging the rider’s e-wallet which is loaded by the rider himself by using credit card, debit card or mobile banking account taking a cut for itself (which ranges from 5% to 20%), and direct depositing the remaining money into the biker’s account, all in the background and completely cashless.

In the near future SAM will be offering different levels of SAM services. The services may include SAM fleet, parcel delivery, restaurant food delivery and even emergency medicine delivery.

SAM requires that its bikers provide a number of documents (Example: National ID, driver’s license, updated vehicle documents and a registered sim) for background check. They must have their own bike. In order to register with SAM, the biker also needs to have a bank account

SAM requires that its riders also provide a number of documents (Example: National ID, Rider’s photo, and a registered sim) for background check. In order to register with SAM, the rider needs to have either a debit card, credit card or any mobile banking account. The rider needs to have these to load their e-wallets.

SAM has started its operation in Dhaka city but plans to go nationwide within a few months.

SAM fancies itself more as a platform and less as an employer, so that’s really a question for the bikers—and essentially, it’s an issue of demand. In a 24-hour-per-day city like Dhaka, there’s always someone looking for a ride. Even in the middle of the night, if you fire up the app and can see a bike on it, there’s one nearby. Hail the ride and you’ll get a fairly accurate estimated time of arrival. This SAM feature is a major draw, and compared to calling a taxi dispatcher or fetching a CNG taxi from the streets and being given a rough estimate for arrival, there’s no surprise why SAM is doing so well.

That’s the magic question, isn’t it? The answer, generally is very easy. There is a per km fare which is BDT6 per km. There is no waiting charge. However, there is a waiting charge between the arrival time and start ride time after a grace time of 5 minutes which is BDT3 per minute.

In addition, operating on supply and demand principles, SAM’s pricing can be subject to “surge” pricing, which can increase the rates considerably. Surge pricing is introduced during peak hours to encourage more bikers to get out and drive during busy times.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to own a Smartphone to be a SAM biker?

The SAM app is available for download to your personal android phone only. Soon, it will be available for download to IOS and windows phones too. This is the quickest way to hit the roads once your account has been activated. If you don’t have a android phone, we can send you one to buy at a discounted rate or on installments.

  • What phones are comfortable with the SAM app?

Biker and riders can use any android phone with the SAM app. However, the phones used by the bikers must have location services in them. The location service in the biker’s phones need to be turned on and set in high accuracy mode.

  • How much money can a SAM biker make?

The amount depends on how many kilometers you commute everyday with your rider as well as the time of the day/week. The calculation is quite easy as rides are billed by distance only. There is however, a wait time charge which is not something that will frequently happen.

  • What motorbike documents are required to be a SAM biker?

SAM do not own bikes. If you want to be a SAM biker, you definitely need to own a bike. If you don’t have a bike, but would like to be a SAM biker, you can take advantage of the offers given by our strategic partners who are offering motorbikes at a discounted price or in installments.

The following documents need to be up to date to apply to be a SAM biker:

  • Tax token
  • Fitness certificate
  • Insurance
  • When do SAM bikers get paid?

SAM pays its bikers on a weekly basis, every Thursdays of the weeks. Checks of the invoiced amount will be directly deposited into the bank account number, provided by you. You do not have to do anything to get the payments. Just sit back, relax and check your account after 2 working days to see your money in the account.

  • How do I upload documents?

You can easily upload documents via the SAM app. Documents are typically reviewed within 24 hours. Please be sure the documents are up to date, readable and have the correct information.

  • Can I be a SAM biker outside of my usual riding route or time?

SAM is designed to be as flexible for you as possible. The platform is available 24/7 and you are welcome to ride your bike as a SAM biker as much or as little your schedule allows. We ask you to complete atleast one trip every week to keep your account active. If you know that you will be unavailable for more than a week, you can contact and inform SAM of your unavailability. This will allow you to come back and activate the account again.

  • Can a SAM rider request me (SAM biker) again in the future?

No, SAM riders automatically request the closest SAM biker based on location. This ensures that SAM riders are receiving the lowest ETA and the SAM bikers are spending less on gas and time. Any SAM rider or biker found guilty of making an arranged ride over the phone shall be banned from the SAM platform for good and remaining balance in the e-wallet or SAM’s bank account shall be forfeited.