SAM ---- The ride sourcing platform!

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh has been dubbed "The traffic capital of the world" because of its chaotic traffic and frequent jams. Some say Dhaka needs more roads, because only 7% of land is covered by roads in Dhaka. Some say more buses should be given permission to ply on the streets of Dhaka, while some also say to increase the number of CNGs and Taxis. That's where we come in. We say, lets give the commuters of Dhaka a transport option with whatever we have in hand now. We thought, we discussed, we concluded and then finally came up with a plan. With over 4,00,000 private motorbikes in Dhaka, city we could arrange a transport option for a maximum of 4,00,000 commuters of Dhaka city. And that's when we came up with SAM. SAM could help the commuters go to their destination fast, safe and in comfort at a very affordable cost. SAM architecture has been designed in USA and was made by some brilliant engineers from India and Bangladesh.

About us

SAM, the ride-hailing platform from Bangladesh allows riders to hail a motorcycle ridden by a biker who is going to the same destination as the rider. The company said the service has been specifically designed for cities in Bangladesh.

Local routes

Dhaka city is a fitting place for SAM service given its 24 hours suffocating traffic. Some 1,500 new cars hit the streets of Dhaka every day, more than double to what that number was just a few years ago. The congestion has slowed traffic dramatically and prolonged residents’ daily commutes, which now average 120 minutes. SAM service will give commuters cheaper rides and produce less congestion over time. Moreover, it will give the bikers to earn some extra cash apart from what they earn from their regular job without hampering their job hours.

Wide area

Motorcycles are part of the commuting culture in Bangladesh. SAM service will resonate with Bangladeshi people and provide an easy and affordable option for short trips around town while creating tens of thousands of flexible work opportunities for Bangladeshis.

Provides safety

SAM bikers will provide riders with a helmet, since the city of Dhaka requires that all motorcycle riders wear them. The bikers will also be insured and will have undergone an extensive screening process, including a police background check.